Behind the scene


For the lovers of fashion, beauty, culture and travel, meet Sassy X. Loved by international bloggers and fashion influencers, Sassy X is for the it-girls and the effortlessly stylish, the trendsetters and the girls who are dripping in confidence and attitude.


We make every effort to ensure that you are in tune with your look and what we offer on our site. Our strength comes from you, you are our main energy for the success of our project!


Each product is designed for every body type, none of you is left out, you are part of a bigger idea of fashion. Our flashy styles will meet all your expectations. Products worked with trends that are always up to date.


Our entire line reflects every personality and allows you to become the woman you really are. Dress up at affordable prices that will make you look good without wearing out your wallet.


Our goal is to give you the confidence and self-acceptance you so richly deserve. You are a unique person and no one should tell you how to dress, you are your own artistic leader. You are the one who represents Sassy X, be proud to be part of the wonderful Sassy X adventure.


Our store and Instagram (@sassyxstore) are a shared place where everyone is free to show their creations and ideas. We have used creativity to design over 1,000 fashion products.


We want to pass on this altruistic feeling to you and inspire you with our model. Because you are the main source of inspiration for the brand.


The world of fashion is only limited by your imagination. Don't be afraid of judgment by imposing your own idea of style. At Sassy X, you are at the center of our attention.

At Sassy X

We are the go-to brand for women who are always on the go, always in the know and always the best dressed in the room.

We Are

worn and loved by celebrities and queens around the world

We want

women to feel like they don’t need permission to showcase their own style. For us, it’s always going to be about promoting creativity without contingencies.

‘little bit extra’

It’s definitely well known worldwide that wearing SASSY X is sure to get you noticed. We pride ourselves on being the place that everyone turns to when buying something that's a ‘little bit extra.’


Sassy X is first and foremost committed to our customer's happiness. We believe an important aspect of joy is looking good and feeling good, and so our whole team works with our customer's satisfaction in mind. We want people to look and feel expensive without compromising their budget.

Our aim is to provide women around the world with both stylish, high-quality "forever" pieces at an affordable price point. With frequent releases, our collections are a mix between wardrobe staples and trend-driven styles. Designed with our customers' happiness in mind, made with the highest quality materials we can find and packed with care, our aim is to deliver premium value to our customers.

From our fashion designers in France to our Production Team who make the garments, from our Customer Care team online to our Warehouse Team who pack your orders (and everyone in between), we work closely together daily to bring you fits you'd love.

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